CV. GRYA ALAM LUMBUNG AMERTHA (GALA), we are Construction company which provide services includes Built new building, Renovation, Interior and Landscaping. We established in 2003, and during that time we supported by the expert, and a solid teamwork, we can create Creative design in many style of building site, such us : Minimalist, Tropical living, Modern, and Balinese style in which apply the Tri Hita Karana’s concept are :

  • In a relationships between Human and God
  • In a relationships betweenHuman and Human
  • In a relationships between Human and their surrounding

Finally the most important services of our company is depend on what Client’s need and fix into
their budget. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us :

  • OFFICE : Jalan Tukad Alas Harum, Gang Melati No. 4 Sesetan Denpasar Selatan 80223 Indonesia
  • CP. Ida Bagus Alit Kamayana 
  • Mobile : 0813-5305-3532 / 0812-3643-9204 / 0812-3846-9078
  • Email :
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